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C++ raw data dumper

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C++ raw data dumper


sun peng (view profile)


07 Nov 2006 (Updated )

Dump C++ data into Matlab to make debugging C++ program more easily. Handier than using engine APIs

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File Information

This project is NO LONGER maintained because it HAS BEEN INCORPORATED into:

C/C++ and Matlab types convertor
File Id: 20927

Dump C++ data (native or user-defined) into Matlab workspace to make debugging C++ image processing/signal processing/scientific calculation program more easily. Wrapper of Matlab engine APIs. But it??s more convenient than using engine APIs directly.

For example:
    // C++ code stub
    const unsigned int len = 20;
    double sig[len];
    generate_sig (sig, len); // do something...

    // view the processed data in matlab...
    matlab << name ("sig") << width (len) << height (1)
      << start(sig)
      << cmd ("figure;stem(sig);set(gcf,'name','example 1: 1-D signal');");

It dumps C++ double array into matlab and converts it as a 20x1 matrix, then plot it.

For another example:

// C++ code stub
const unsigned int LEN = 42*256*3;
    unsigned char buf[3*LEN];
    generate_color_img (buf, LEN); // do something
    const char* command =
      "set(gcf,'name','example 3: color image');";

    matlab << name ("imgc")
      << width (256) << height (42*3) << channel (3)
      << start (buf)
      << cmd (command);

This will view C++ array buf as a color image in Matlab workspace.


MATLAB release MATLAB 7.2 (R2006a)
Other requirements An up-to-date C++ complier supported by Matlab engine APIs
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Comments and Ratings (3)
04 Oct 2008 Prashant Patil

After running this program I got the error libmx.dll not found .Actually After installing the MATLAB it need a computer restart before using this codes.It totally worked after restarting computer......Great work helped me in real time plotting , image processing , debugging etc

03 Jun 2008 Prashant Patil

It can solve my great problem , but got an error during compiling " could not found libmx.dll , reinstalling may solve the problem " .I reinstalled matlab but the problem did'nt solved .Can anybody help me.

17 Nov 2006 shu yu

Thank you, very good¡­¡­I find this for a long time.

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