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Interactively segment RGB image into n user-defined clusters.



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[IDX,C,sumd,D] = clusterImg(imgin,nClusters,inMask)

This function implements kmeans clustering on an input RGB (m x n x 3) image. The user inputs at least two inputs: IMGIN and NCLUSTERS, and this function will step through an interactive color segmentation using kmeans clustering. It is interactive in that the user will be prompted to click-define the target colors in the segmentation. (There will be NCLUSTERS prompts.) Optionally, the user can also input a third argument containing a binary mask of the input image, in which case the program will operate on a subimage defined by the BOUNDING BOX of the (true) inMask.
Following segmentation (clustering), the user can EXPORT THE CLUSTERED IMAGE TO THE WORKSPACE, along with its corresponding colormap. Additionally, the user can opt to EXPORT A BINARY MASK OF A SINGLE COLOR CLUSTER TO THE WORKSPACE, or AUTO-GENERATE ALL MASKS. All of these options are initiated by press of a uicontrol pushbutton.

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but, didn't explain to the beginner how to install the toolbox like image processing, statistic toolbox


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