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Data acquisition into Simulink using a Keysight oscilloscope

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Acquire live oscilloscope data directly into Simulink model



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This basic model shows you how to acquire live data from a Keysight (formerly Agilent Test & Measurement) oscilloscope into Simulink. This model was developed for the Keysight 6000 series oscilloscope but may work with other Keysight scopes with little or no modifications.
I welcome submission reviews below to let us know whether you got it working with your specific Keysight scope. Please provide scope model used.

To view the waveform acquired, double click on each "scope" block, then right click and select "Autoscale".

Learn more about Instrument Control Toolbox at:

Learn more about using Instrument Control Toolbox with Agilent instruments at:

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jack padi


Code looks pretty tough .Could you make
the the program to import it into a array or a file so that it can be manipulated further.It would very useful .

thanks in advance


Updated license


Added BSD License

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MATLAB 7.3 (R2006b)

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