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Analog / Mixed Signal Examples

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Analog / Mixed Signal Examples


Dick Benson (view profile)


12 Feb 2002 (Updated )

Extensive collection of examples for analog and mixed signal design work.

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% DC to Dc Buck Converter Parameters
% Dick Benson
% Copyright 2013 The MathWorks, Inc.

FET_Ron=.004;    % FET 
FET_Snub= 1000;

L1=250e-9;       % Inductor
L1_R = 0.01;

Cout=1000e-6;    % Filter Cap
Cout_R = 0.0012;

Rload=1.0;       % Load Resistance

Vinput=12;       % Vin to converter

Fswitch=500e3;   % PWM switching frequency 
Comp_Tau=100e-9; % PWM Comparitor time constant

Fs_ADC=2.5e6;    % Sampling rate of discrete time controller

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