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Uncertainty Analysis of a DC Motor

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Uncertainty Analysis of a DC Motor


Stuart Kozola (view profile)


04 Dec 2006 (Updated )

Using Statistics for Uncertainty Analysis in System Models

function [cmap,cax] = mcColorMap(values,cmap)
%MCCOLORMAP returns the color mappin for values given cmap.
%   MCCOLORMAP uses the color map (CMAP) to define the color mapping for
%   the range in VALUES.

% find range of data in values and normalize to [0 1]
maxVal = max(values);
minVal = min(values);
normVal = (values - minVal)./ (maxVal - minVal);

% map to color
noColors = length(cmap);
indx = interp1(0:1/(noColors-1):1,1:noColors,normVal,'nearest');
cmap = cmap(indx,:);
cax = [minVal maxVal];

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