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S-SOFM Toolbox

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A toolbox to implement Spherical Self-Organizing Feature Maps



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The Spherical Self-Organizing Feature Maps is a contemporary technique for data clustering and visualization.

The main advantages they offer are the following:
1. Smooth training
2. Implementation in arbitrary dimension without additional computational cost.
3. Data visualization in arbitrary dimensions

This toolbox contains a set of functions and a GUI which can be used to create glyphs from spherical Self-Organizing Feature Maps (SOFMs). It is freely distributable for educational and research purposes.


% loads the data to be visualized
load henon-1024-4.mat

%loads the S-SOFM structure
load c4-24.mat

%trains the S-SOFM

% plots the S-SOFM

Comments and Ratings (3)

I think I can use this program for my research. Is there anybody who has already modified further this progam to make it more user friendly and more versetaile. Please let me know. Contact email SANGOLLA, NARAHARI <>. Like to know about this program in more detail so that I can modify it according to my needs.

thank Dr. Alexandros Leontitsis
Alexandros Leontitsis

We have posted a query how to create more number of triangles on sphere like %loads the S-SOFM structure
load c4-24.mat
say C5-48 etc

Is it possible to help us

Naimul Khan

This is awesome, definitely gonna cite properly when I publish my results, thanks for this!

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