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imPixelLine and imCircle

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pixel by pixel version of imline and circle version of imrect



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m_pix_line draws a "pixel by pixel" imline and im_circle draws a "circle version" of imrect.They are adopted from imline and imrect, respectively.
Both of them are dragable and extensible(add callback, contrait function, etc.)

Refer to demo.htm on how to install them.

They are easy to use:

for example:
figure, imshow('cameraman.tif')
h = im_circle(gca, [110,60], 30);
api = iptgetapi(h);
api.setColor([1 0 0]);

This will draw a circle centered at (110,60) with radius 30

for another example:
im_pix_line(imgca,[189, 204],[195,214]);

This will draw a pixel by pixel line between (189,195) and (204,214)

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MATLAB 7.2 (R2006a)

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