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Embedded Coder Robot NXT Demo

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Embedded Coder Robot NXT Demo



15 Dec 2006 (Updated )

Offers an enjoyable Model-Based Design experience using Simulink models with Lego robots

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function blkStruct = slblocks

% slblocks
%   defines the Simulink library block representation
%   for the ECRobot NXT Blockset.

%   Copyright 2010 The MathWorks, Inc.

blkStruct.Name    = ['ECRobot NXT' sprintf('\n') 'Blockset'];
blkStruct.OpenFcn = '';
blkStruct.MaskInitialization = '';
blkStruct.MaskDisplay = '';

% Define the library list for the Simulink Library browser.
% Return the name of the library model and the name for it
Browser(1).Library = 'ecrobot_nxt_lib';
Browser(1).Name    = 'ECRobot NXT Blockset';
Browser(1).IsFlat  = 0;% Is this library "flat" (i.e. no subsystems)?

blkStruct.Browser = Browser;

% define information for model updater
% What's this?, in R2010a, this is needed to avoid an error when opening
% the library browser.
%blkStruct.ModelUpdaterMethods.fhDetermineBrokenLinks = @sl3dBrokenLinksMapping;
blkStruct.ModelUpdaterMethods.fhDetermineBrokenLinks = [];

% End of slblocks.m

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