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area measuring

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measuring areas surface and path length in an image (map)



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a gui which allow measuring an areas size and a paths length on an image (map).

You can calibrate the image scale.

You place points using left mouse button and remove points & areas with right mouse button.

You have three different methods of measuring the area surface:
1. Monte-Carlo.
2. Triangulation (my method which works really cool but isn't optimal).
3. MATLABs way (which works the best).

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Weiqi Chen

you are a player!


nail (view profile)

Thank you
it was very helpful


Nima (view profile)

Simplicity and capability has made it a helpful tool! works well.


Daniel (view profile)

simple, stratightforward, and ingenious

Yonathan Nativ

Yonathan Nativ (view profile)

hi alvin,
the area unit is pixels^2
you have an option to calibrate what is the pixel size.

select the option of "Scale Calibration" and click on two points in your image. In the box enter the distance these two points represent (in what ever units you like).

now the calculations will be done in you're units (you can verify this by measuring a distance you know on the image or an area you know).


alvin lee

Could someone tell me what is the unit for the calculated area (for example, mm2, cm2, m2,...)? Thank you.

Mark Heeren

Great program, only in Matlab R2008b the text in the buttons have the same color as the background of the buttons and therefor the text is not visible. Which is a minor thing and can be edit in the GUI.


If you want to use this program on .mat files, load the matlab file into the workspace and plot it. Then use the command
"print('-djpeg','YourFileName.jpg')" to export it to a JPG
(Tip from Matt Daggett,

Asael Degany


Danila Churaev


Juan Antonio

MATLAB Release
MATLAB 7.0.1 (R14SP1)

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