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fast bispectrum estimation



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Fast bispectrum (dll optimized) estimation

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waseem ahmad

what bsp diong?!
its not working!
can u tell me the meaning of
"y=y+dsp(a,nf);" plz?

jitendra valluri

I tested many times, but its not working, i have simple tone burst sine signal is there, i need to know harmonics, for that i am using bispectrum,if u know this stuff, i will greatly benefitted.

tianyou me

i tested it for many times ,but it still cann't work.

Evgeni Makarov

My program works fine and fast. See testing results in attachment. Contact me about your errors.
wbr Evgeni Makarov

Yang Xiao

The program can't work. I wonder that the author can publish it without testing

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