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gettok: a pedestrian matlab constructs decoder

version 1.0 (66.1 KB) by

a decoder/tokenizer for MATLAB constructs



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recursively decodes MATLAB constructs such as numbers, strings, structures, cells, and returns
- <eval>uable MATLAB constructor syntax
- a descriptive summary of the constructor's contents
- the contents itself

and - for historical reasons
- converts strings to and from cells
- creates character ranges

the convenient GETTOK wrapper STOK creates two panels

the upper panel lists the constructor syntax and contents descriptor of each entry
- selecting line 1 will display a brief help in the lower panel
- selecting line 2 will display a version summary in the lower panel
- selecting an entry displays a summary and the contents of the constructor in the lower panel
- selecting any item in the lower panel displays the constructor syntax in the command window for copy/paste operations
- evaluating a constructor at the command prompt will return its contents

see the accompanying published M-file for an example

Comments and Ratings (1)

Peter (PB) Bodin

Great functionality and excellent documentation.


added help to stok

added a conventient gui wrapper STOK and published M-file; expanded help section

enhanced help

changed to work with R13.prerelease

handles anomalous STRUCTs of the form: size(1,1)/0 bytes

cumulative update: handles anomalous structures/cells, two user requested enhancements, work on PDF help file in progress ...

faster test sequence (user request)

remove annoying debug-output

now takes care of anomalies of the form:

cleanup (debugging statements)

MATLAB Release
MATLAB 6.1 (R12.1)

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