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RADAR simulation

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RADAR simulation


Yonathan Nativ (view profile)


25 Dec 2006 (Updated )

an early warning RADAR simulation

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File Information

I made this simulation as a project in a course I took in RADAR basic concepts.

Short explanation: This is an early warning radar simulation.

The simulation simulates the targets behavior and calculates the expected radar return signal. The simulation works in the IF level assuming a perfect phase reconstruction by the radar. The detected targets are plotted in the main radar display.

I made allot of effort to synchronize the simulation time to the real-time.

Main new features in this version:
- CFAR mechanism.
- MTI analysis in the frequency domain.
- Stagger support.
- Matched Match Filter :)
- Analog feedbacks (which aren't very informative but I think are still cool).

I attached a word document explaining how to use the simulation.


Yonathan Nativ


This file inspired Rain Losses.

Required Products Image Processing Toolbox
MATLAB release MATLAB 7.0.1 (R14SP1)
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Comments and Ratings (76)
19 Feb 2017 moein mozaffarzadeh

Hi, i can not download the files. do you mind if you let me know how to download these files?

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19 Jan 2017 kong ethan

07 Nov 2016 hello hi


09 Sep 2016 S Sridharan

how to change the sweep direction in the code

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08 Aug 2016 Yingchun Li

17 Jul 2016 Koray capin




21 Mar 2016 rainattenuation

Really good direction of this job. But how can I download the source codes? Thank you in advance.

18 Dec 2015 Francesco La Motta

I still not tried the simulation, and I only got a fast raed of your doc guide, but, only for time you spent on the project, I really want take you my congratulations for the great job!

18 Dec 2015 Francesco La Motta

21 May 2015 qq li

qq li (view profile)

I don't know how i can get the source code of the model?

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20 Apr 2015 Maxim Mantserov

07 Apr 2015 Hans Huang

Good works! But there are some bugs in the program.
1. Place moutains using function is wrong, making Tags is disable.
2. The creating object of this program hasn't using a orginal waveform, if update would add this content, this program will be perfect.
All of words, this program is good. Thanks sharing of Y. Nativ.

23 Oct 2014 Wang guangchao

Nice,Thanks a lot !

23 Sep 2014 Igoe

Igoe (view profile)

sir,i want some documents/pdf/project report regarding this and your paper about this simulation.I cannot understand completely.please send me to ,thanks

13 Apr 2014 manou tk

13 Apr 2014 vinay

vinay (view profile)

sir,i want some documents/pdf/project report regarding this.I cannot understand completely.please send me to

22 Feb 2014 Vishwanath

i need help regarding placing of targets at particular distance and making the targets move in a particular direction. Please help me out on this.

03 Oct 2013 hu

hu (view profile)

13 Jul 2013 Gurpreet Singh

Very nice.

28 Mar 2013 Pradeep Kumar

Very nice.

30 Jan 2013 dabang

dabang (view profile)

hello pls can any1 explain me all about this project.How it works (principles)etc...I will be grateful.

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30 Jan 2013 dabang

dabang (view profile)

hey can any 1 send some project reports about this project to the following

29 Jan 2013 Attu

Attu (view profile)

Hey... thank you for putting up such a wonderful project... i needed a pdf document if u can send it on the working or your project report.... it would be a lot of help... thanx a lot... my id is

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08 Aug 2012 TARUN

TARUN (view profile)

sir,i want some documents/pdf/project report regarding this.I cannot understand completely.please send me to

Thanks for your hard work!!!

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08 Aug 2012 TARUN

TARUN (view profile)

sir,i want some documents/pdf/project report regarding this.I cannot understand completely.please send me to

Thanks for your hard work!!!

25 Oct 2011 jz

jz (view profile)


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10 Jun 2011 xd ?

xd ? (view profile)

very good

11 Apr 2011 aaaa

aaaa (view profile)

thanks a lot

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25 Jan 2011 muhammad raza

i found this siulation very interesting and very helpful in my final semester project. i have done some modifications in it. but still it is very difficult to understand the code completely.
i'll be very grateful if any body can help me in this regard.

11 Oct 2010 johan egriou

I found out some errors in this simulation program. I would be very thankful if you let me know the keys to solve such errors. Plz send your kind message to my e-mail.,
plz response me fast

04 Oct 2010 faisal shaikh

it is good but i found many errors in functions.... will any body help me to removing errors from it ...... or any one send me the correct functions and program plz i ll be vary thankful to him/her..
i m working on a task so i need quikly..... in few hours or may b in 1 day i need urgently plz help me ..... u can also mail me
hope 4 positive response

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12 May 2010 Md

Md (view profile)

It is very interesting

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11 Mar 2010 Ashwini

Ashwini (view profile)

12 May 2009 Comsats Comsats

i am working basically on voice controlled UGV. i dont know the reason of why do we use 10 chebyshev filters for it? do u know the reason? also help me about the RF based UGv? please i will be waiting for ur assistance........

09 May 2009 sol miht

I am also trying to take input from hardware,Can you help me How i could get radar data to using either serial or parallel pore? pls send me at

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31 Mar 2009 Aamir M. Irfan

hi, i am working on a prototype radar system and wish to take input from hardware. i just saw this simulation quiet a nice work.
can u help me out, like if i get a radar data at serial port....can it be used in this simulation???
any suggestions.....

09 Mar 2009 Alireza LIAGHAT

23 Feb 2009 sanjay agarwal

20 Feb 2009 irshad ali ansari

i read this n see it is very interesting but i want to know detail about it so plz send me the deatail copy of this .plz..

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14 Feb 2009 maulik

maulik (view profile)


??? Error using ==> load
Unknown command option.

Error in ==> hgload at 44
fileVars = load(filename,'-m');

Error in ==> openfig at 89
[figs, oldvis] = hgload(filename, struct('Visible','off'));

Error in ==> gui_mainfcn>local_openfig at 206
gui_hFigure = openfig(name, singleton);

Error in ==> gui_mainfcn at 94
gui_hFigure = local_openfig(gui_State.gui_Name, gui_SingletonOpt);

Error in ==> radarSimulation at 45
gui_mainfcn(gui_State, varargin{:});

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17 Jul 2008 prabin maharjan

i am also doing this project on radar detection and tracking using matlab.can u suggest me best books for reading or can u hlep me on that topic

Comment only
27 Jun 2008 yonathan nativ

hi razi,

I think I found you're problem, are you trying to run the .fig file?

please run the radarSimulation.m file and try again...

Comment only
25 Jun 2008 yonathan nativ

hi razi,
I'm not aware of any problem with running the code on matlab 7. Can you describe what are you doing and what is the error?

Comment only
24 Jun 2008 razi do

i have matlab 7 and i can't run that 'radar simulation', WHY and how can i do to make it in order with my version of matlab.

Comment only
23 Jun 2008 Ali Abdalla

11 Jun 2008 KIRAN PATIL


27 May 2008 miijddorj Batsaikhan


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16 May 2008 Abdissa Michael

It is really good. Everybody can see it and understand so many things from it.It is really great simulation.thank you for that.

Comment only
12 May 2008 ahmads ahmad

thank you

Comment only
19 Mar 2008 yonathan nativ

Hi Vasili,

I have a better version of the radar simulation with new features, better performance and a bit more readable :)

I will upload it after I will finish writing some basic documentation (probably some time this month).

Comment only
10 Mar 2008 Matan Naor

The Radar Simulation is very impressive! Well done!

14 Feb 2008 vassili ryan

please explain me the detail of your m files,
email me at
thanks a lot

04 Feb 2008 GURURAJ KOTI


03 Dec 2007 mohamed almajzoub


Comment only
09 Oct 2007 Julianus Partogi Panjaitan

please come to email and explain about ur simulation and m file too,soon.,little confuse.
I want to make a radar simulation ,like yours,
for my undergraduate thesis.,thanks a lot.

09 Oct 2007 Julianus Partogi Panjaitan

Can I talk with u about ur simulation?
I want to make radar simulation for my final task (undergraduate),like u.
About Moving Target Indicator and others about ur simulation.I'm little confuse.???
Please reply to my email,soon.Thaks.

30 Sep 2007 tuan nguyen


28 Sep 2007 usman safdar

nice work

26 Aug 2007 mehmet salih

22 Aug 2007 Daemon Idaf

Very good for teaching the novice students on radar systems. Thank U !

18 Jul 2007 saravanan a


25 May 2007 china hnu

12 Apr 2007 SANG IL KO

I am afraid I found out some errors in this simulation program. I would be very appreciated if you let me know the keys to solve such errors. Plz send your kind message to my e-mail. Thanks.

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02 Apr 2007 phan an


Comment only
30 Mar 2007 Nguyễn Hoài Nhân

23 Mar 2007 Alok Kumar

13 Mar 2007 dongliang peng

thank you!

13 Mar 2007 sara trenedo

when i tried to run this simulation there was some errors..... please mail me the error corrections soon ....and i will be so greatful to u

13 Mar 2007 urs meier


01 Mar 2007 Alok Kumar

Very good

25 Feb 2007 Cujilema Padilla Luis Alberto


11 Jan 2007 kurt maderal

NICE!!! the project is a greate help for my simulation subject.. ü
are there more detailed mathematical
equations so that i can understand each event that are happening during the simulation??? any mathematical theorems or equations are really appreciated... thanks..

06 Jan 2007 marpaka ashrith kumar

why are there few errors in each file ??? can you plz mail me the reasons ? we are unable to run the files because of the errors ... please mail me the error corrections soon as it is very much required for my project on radars .... plz reply soooonnn

05 Jan 2007 ashrith kumar marpaka

Its a very good and best resource i have ever seen i feel ... really thank you a lot and i appreciate you really . The best site where we can get what we want and where its easy to get even .......... Congrats

20 Mar 2007

I have received many complaints that it is unclear how to operate the radar.
I decided to elaborate a little in the Quick Start passage I wrote.

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