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Digital Image Correlation Two Threads

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Starts two instances of matlab divides the grid and merges validx and validy, Needs Digital Image Co

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This package is an add-on to 'Digital Image Correlation and Tracking' which allows to use two processors (or a dual Core) for the same Digital Image Correlation job. It is a very simple way to use very coarse threading by initiating two separate instances of matlab to process images (at the moment only available with automate_image - not tracking). This is necessary since matlab has no multithreading build in. You will need to copy the 'Digital Image Correlation and Tracking' package to use these functions. For a huge number of markers you will gain a speed increase of 100% for the same job. A clear drawback is, that the extra instances of matlab eat up quiet a big chunk of your main memory while running. 1 Gigabyte of main memory should be fine, 2 Gigabyte are better if you deal with more than 100 images and more than 5000 markers per image.
To start the two instances of matlab I incorporated an 'matlabsessions.exe' file compiled from a AutoIt skript. The matlab function starts the program with the '!matlabsessions' command.
For further instructions please read the guide which was added to the 'Digital Image Correlation' package. Please use automate_image_twothreads like automate_image. Copy all files into your matlab\work folder.
Have fun, Chris.

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