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Fast Fourier Transform Algorithm

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Implementation of FFT without using matlab built-in function of fft.



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This program is open source code of fast Fourier transform in matlab.
Where y is the input argument and p is the normalized size of the input. Let
y = [1 2 3 4 ];
x= length(y);
m= log2(x);
p= ceil(m);
To call the function use

Comments and Ratings (19)

Naga Sai

too many input arguments error

Zhuoqun Hu

Umar Hashmi

code is excellent and made according to the "DECIMATION IN FREQUENCY"
thank you sir Farhat Masood.
MASHALLAH nustians does there job well.

sajjad buneri

Keunwoo Choi

it's just a DFT, not a FFT.

Michael Völker

Mike Casiple

nice.. do you also have a source code for for the "fourier" and "ifourier" functions?

Sana Ullah Almani

very good

Ivan Ruziak

dexter rabano


aboodi mstafa

good information

Sunbul Zahid

shaik nassiruddin


suhair janini

Mudassar Ali

Its very informative and easy open source code

B. Roossien

I agree with Ruben Faibish here. Very bad programming style

Stijn Helsen

(I don't think it is meant to be fast, rather to show the calculation.)
But indeed, making it a function (with arguments) would be more logical. And in place of sqrt(-1), you can use 1i (or 1j, of i of j...)

Rabia Sadiq

You can use your own inputs...its simply understandable.

Ruben Faibish

The code is not complete, since the inputs are not written in the function declaration. variables used in the code are reserved words. built-in FFT is 30 times faster

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