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Evaluates the Ferm-Dirac integral needed in solid state physics.

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The Half-order Fermi-Dirac integral is needed extensively in solid state physics applications. Here, a trapezoidal integration with the correction for the poles of the integrand is used to evaluate the integrand. It is a beautiful application of the classical Cauchy theorem.

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Zhou Yang


Pat (view profile)

Excellent! I use this function constantly. Can anyone comment on the accuracy at higher values of aj (say, 7/2 and above)? Thanks again!!

This is extremely well written code. I've been using the Purdue nanohub numerical integration code and your version runs circles around it. The accuracy is as good as the numerical integration. Well done, and thank you!

Tram Pham

Thank you so much! It works execellent, and I really need it

Eugene Ivanchenko

Good work!

Guillermo Ruiz Taboada

Excellent job guys

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MATLAB 5.3 (R11)

Inspired: Fermi Level

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