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Image Enhancement Range Compression Skewing slicing low pass high pass filter threshold digital nega

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Image Enhancement Range Compression Skewing slicing low pass high pass filter threshold digital negative contrast strech

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dinesh (view profile)



Wan (view profile)

I'm glad to find this code and hope it will be available. I'm thankful to the author

huang xiaoxia

this code can not running.It's hasn't main function.Can you tell me how to use this code? thanks!

dai zhengguo

dai zhengguo (view profile)

nothing at all

aaa dfas


santhosh kumar

can u corp a object in a image, for example asigle flower from bunch of flowers and save that flowr as separate image?

agam agam

Good n excelent

tarek eldeeb

remove pls !


anand raj



This is a perfect example of junk submission- posting some badly written homework assignments. Please remove it all from FEX, there is enough junk already.

Mohsin Shah

Can't understand it properly

haythem zayen

enhacment of image

sundararajan s.

Bilal Sadiq

Hello Dear Mr. Proffs

i very happy and glad for a brillian codes that is help me too much to learning how to learn the code in matlab (m file), but I want over helping about image process and enhancement. my call is how can write a program/code (m file) to find the boundary of human hand image in bright face (without any noise) and find the length of this boundary and execute a tacing process on it.
note: the hand image captured by scanner device (so,as you know, it is already including a noise in default).my matlab 7 edition.

I will be thankful too much for you, and i will be longing for seeing the answer, and you can not dreaming how much i will be beatific for your replay.
i wait you in my E-mail:

David Sedarsky

Nice work. However, I would encourage anyone who has access to the Image Processing Toolbox to use the functions provided there for all of these tasks. Also, its a good idea to add comments to your code, both for yourself and others. Imagine coming back to this code in 5 years; your logic may not be as easy to follow when you come back to it after working on other things.

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