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Complete 1976 Standard Atmosphere

version 1.0 (7.99 KB) by

Calculates Temperature, Pressure, Density, Speed of Sound, Gravity, Dynamic/Kinematic Viscosity, k,



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This is a complete model of the 1976 US standard atmosphere model with valid data between sea level and 1000 km. This set of functions returns Temperature, Pressure, Density, Speed of Sound, Gravity, Dynamic and Kinematic Viscosity, Coefficient of Thermal Conductivity, Gas Number Density at desired altitudes. Ability to convert to English Units as desired.

Values DO differ by less than 1% due to different integration technique and should be closer to the actual values of the integrals described in the 1976 U.S. Standard Atmosphere

atmo.m-main program

atmo_compo.m-Gas composition for upper atmosphere program

atmo_p.m-Pressure Computation Program

atmo_temp.m-Temperature Computation Prgram

f_n.m-Gas Composition Integral Program

int_tau.m-Tau integral for Hydrogen

tester.m-Runs atmo.m code for complete atmosphere and does plots for each of the variables

Comments and errors are welcome

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Chou (view profile)


B. (view profile)

This code is not entirely correct. On error, among others, is that the author misinterpreted Equation (39) of the original published document on the Standard Atmosphere of 1976. This involves the calculation of the Hydrogen number density. The author oversimplified the equation. Also, the temperature gradient in Equation (28) involves a constant "a" which the author had the wrong sign on.

Evan Brooks

Do you have an alternate source or correction for your value of Helium number density @86km? The value in Table 9 looks like 10^10 to me, but you have it in "atmo_compo.m" as 10^14.

Nice submission otherwise, there's a lot you could do to vectorize the computations though.

way too slow

Yifan Yang

Good simple program. Found an error with output pressure in English units though. The conversion factor (unit_c(5)) used on line 162 in atmo.m should be 3.3852e3 instead of 0.0001450377.

Michael Young

Good program, no errors found for intended use

Brad Hixon

Accuracy is quite high for a simple program. Might suggest adding solar activity

hamed khabiri

hamed khabiri

hossein mortazavi

it was so useful for me.

Jeremy Sparks

Great program for preliminary satellite drag calculations

Richard Rieber

I agree with the other comment. This program is impressive and useful. It does take a long time to run, but its worth it. Excellent download if you need to work with any portion of the atmosphere. Good work!

Chadrick Sewell

Very amazing-Well Written, some programs can be improved for speed but full atmosphere program taking a fraction of time to run and then interpolation commands used. Good job.

BTW, your new version doesn't have any errors with my 6.5 version.

Brent Lewis

May have some compatability problems with previous versions of Matlab. Sends any bugs/errors to


Corrected for lower atmosphere calls only

MATLAB Release
MATLAB 7.3 (R2006b)

Inspired by: Standard Atmosphere Calculator

Inspired: Standard Atmosphere Functions

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