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CreateGuid MEX

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MEX to create a Globally Unique Identifier GUID



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A MEX file to calculate a GUID. A Globally Unique Identifier or GUID is a pseudo-random number used in software applications. Each generated GUID is "statistically guaranteed" to be unique. This is based on the simple principle that the total number of unique keys ( or ) is so large that the possibility of the same number being generated twice is virtually zero.

To compile:

mex CreateGuid.c rpcrt4.lib

I also tried to implement with .net but I found it to be much slower when needing a lot of GUIDs.

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Tom (view profile)

Thanks Joseph ... your solution worked for me (after casting to char)


Had some issues compiling this in Windows 7 an ML 2010a. After a little digging, I found:
x = java.util.UUID.randomUUID()
which worked fine for my purpose. Thanks.

Steve Hoelzer

Worked as advertised and really useful. I compiled it with MS Visual C++ .NET 2003. Could use a readme file or a few more comments in the code.

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