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Hiding multiple Text pages into a Color image

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This program can embed/hide maximum of six monochrome Text pages into a Color image without loss.

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This program has the ability to embed/hide multiple text images in any color image. The encoded text images can be seamlessly recoverable. The key advantage in this coding algorithm is, the embedded text image does not create any visible marks on the color image. Thus the text data cannot be identified by naked eyes. This ensures secure way of transferring confidential data through widely available Color image as a data carrier. This method can be utilized in web pages, e-mail and media.
Note: Estimated execution time measured on Intel Core i7 (2.8 GHz) series processor is: 2 sec 23 ms (Image resolution 800 x 600)

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will this work in version r2007

Fillagot Taye

Nayef Abukhoti

Unfortunately any slight change applied to the watermarked image will destroy the hidden information, since the information is hidden in the LSB, which is the most vulnerable bit to changes.
This works only in case the images are exchanged via completely lossless means.

sms sms

very good idea

William joy

Wow intresting

Salim Ali

Hmm, Simple logic But new idea gr8!!

raja raja

C. S.

How lame. Got something to hide?



* Many code cleanup and major code optimizations are done
* Performance is improved by 15 times
* Output file saved provision added
* Many bug fixes are added
* Documentation is improved
* Verified on Matlab R2012b


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MATLAB 8.0 (R2012b)

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