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Fluid Pipeline Simulink Models

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Simulink blocks for pressure and flow transients in pipelines.



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These Simulink blocks contain transfer functions that model the pressure and flow transients for axisymmetric 2D viscous flow of a compressible fluid in a straight rigid circular cross section pipelines. Three models are available:

(1) pressures at the ends
(2) flow rates at the ends
(3) pressure at one end and flow rate at the other

Filtering is incorporated to reduce numerical oscillation (Gibbs phenomenon). See J. Dyn. Systems, Meas. & Control vol 122 (2000) pp. 153-162.

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imed otm

i'm very thankful sir




Alberto Ripa

paramust juntarakod

Very thank you for your work

paramust juntarakod

Very thank you for your work

paramust juntarakod

Thank you for your work.

bon lee

Very good

carlos alvarez

es un programa muy bien estructurado

Daniel Oldjira Fufa

Thanks. It is very helpful.
Thank you for your work.

Farshid Farzaneh

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fixed initial pressure scaling

fix incorrect natural frequencies in PQ model

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