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MatPlanWDM v0.5

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MatPlanWDM v0.5



29 Jan 2007 (Updated )

Educational network planning tool for the RWA problem in WDM networks (MILP and heuristic based)

% trans_trafficMatrix2flowTable
% Usage: [flowTable] = trans_trafficMatrix2flowTable(traff_trafficMatrix)
% Abstract: This function converts a "traffic matrix" into a "flow table". 
% We translate the information about the traffic flows from the first
% format to the second one.
% Arguments:
% o	In: 
%   traff_trafficMatrix(NxN): Average traffic flow offered between node
%    pairs. The Traffic Matrix is a two-dimensional matrix with N (N:
%    number of nodes) rows and N columns. An entry(s,d) means the average
%    traffic flow from node 's' to node 'd', expressed in Gbps. The main
%    diagonal is full of 0s.

% o	Out: 
%  . flowTable(F,3): F-by-3 matrix. First column de ingress node, second
%    the egress node, third the traffic offered = traffic carried in Gbps.

function [flowTable] = trans_trafficMatrix2flowTable(traff_trafficMatrix)

if (nargin==0),  help trans_trafficMatrix2flowTable;return, end %help calling
if (nargin~=1),  error('1: Incorrect number of arguments.'),end %Number of input arguments different of 1

[destinationNode sourceNode]=find(traff_trafficMatrix'>0);
for f=1:numberOfFlows,
    averageFlow(f)=traff_trafficMatrix(sourceNode(f), destinationNode(f));

flowTable=[sourceNode destinationNode averageFlow];

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