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MatPlanWDM v0.5

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MatPlanWDM v0.5



29 Jan 2007 (Updated )

Educational network planning tool for the RWA problem in WDM networks (MILP and heuristic based)

% IO_writeTraffFile
% Usage: IO_writeTraffFile(traff_trafficMatrix, fullpathname) 
% Abstract: This function writes a  Traffic File (*.traff) to the 
% filename selected by the user in the pathname selected by the user. A 
%  Traffic File (*.traff) contains the  Traffic Matrix, that
% is, the table of the  traffic demands for all the possible node
% pairs. 
% In the whole file the columns (fields) are separated by TABS and the rows
% by RETURNS. Each field column is represented  according to C language
% FORMAT. The FORMAT is a string containing C language conversion specifications. 
%A conversion specification controls the notation, alignment, significant digits, 
%field width, and other aspects of output format. The format string can 
%contain escape characters to represent nonprinting characters such as 
%newline characters and tabs. Conversion specifications begin with 
%the % character and contain these optional and required elements: 
% Flags (optional) 
% Width and precision fields (optional) 
% A subtype specifier (optional) 
% .Conversion character (required) 
% Arguments:
% o	In: 
%  traff_trafficMatrix(NxN): Average traffic flow offered between node pairs. The 
%   Traffic Matrix is a two-dimensional matrix with N (N: number of nodes) rows 
%   and N columns. An entry(s,d) means the average traffic flow from node 's' 
%   to node 'd', measured as the number of bits per second. 
% . fullpathname: String of the pathname of the Traffic File (*.traff)
%   to save, incluiding the filename: [pathname filename]
%                                       Ramon Aparicio Pardo,2007

function IO_writeTraffFile(traff_trafficMatrix, fullpathname) 

%We check input arguments
if (nargin==0),  help IO_writeTraffFile;return, end %help calling
if (nargin~=2),  error('1: Incorrect number of arguments.'),end %Number of input arguments different of 2
if(size(traff_trafficMatrix,1) ~= size(traff_trafficMatrix,2)), error('2: Argument "traff_trafficMatrix" must be a square matrix'), end
if(isa(traff_trafficMatrix, 'numeric')~=1), error('3: Argument "traff_trafficMatrix" must be an integer or floating-point array'), end

%We open the file to save our 'Traffic File (*.traff)'
% [filename, pathname] = uiputfile({'*.traff','Traffic File (*.traff)'},'Save Traffic File as','Data\Traffics\');
% fullpathname=[pathname filename];
fid = fopen(fullpathname, 'w');

%We write the traffic string from the traff_trafficMatrix
[traffString] = IO_writeTraffString(traff_trafficMatrix) ;

%We write the string in the file

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