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Queries the free space of a volume

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Code queries to see how much free space is available on a disk.

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Igor (view profile)

I've just submitted based version, which shouldn't suffer from described limitations. (See "Disk Usage" link in "Acknowledgements" section above). Both functions are compatible regarding input and output arguments.

The FSUTIL utility requires a local NTFS volume,
so no network drives can be used with this function.

Lars Gregersen

You need rights as an Administrator to run fsutil. This may be a problem for some users.

Peter (PB) Bodin

It should be stated that this is for windows users only.

Ali Özgül

This sub function is very simplest but I think it is usefull for more applications. If you wil improved the this function graphical interface than it possible very nice and likeable. Good working.

Stephen McNeill

Useful, but note that the command utility used by the script ("fsutil") is only provided under WindowsXP, and not earlier versions of the operating system.

MATLAB Release
MATLAB 7.3 (R2006b)

Inspired: Disk usage

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