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Adaptive line enhancemment application

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Adaptive line enhancemment application



01 Feb 2007 (Updated )

Adaptive line enhancemment application

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%function [ALEstruct]=ale(f,fs,munoise,sigmanise,mulms,ncoef,dur)
%function to perform adaptive line enhancement using LMS algorithm and an adaptive FIR filter
%ALE concept enhances a single tone signal (frequency f) affected by white noise (mu,sigma)
%f: frequency of sinusoid
%fs: sampling signal of sinusoid (At least 2f)
%munoise, sigma: mean and variance of white noise
%mulms, value of the step parameter in the LMS algorithm
%ncoef: number of coefficients of the FIR filter
%dur: simulation time in number of signal periods
%ALEstruct: a structure with fields
% .weights: the filter's weights after finishing iterations
% .error : evolution of error signal during simulation
% .output: output of the filter
% .signal: a copy of the input signal
% .desired: a copy of the desired signal in the LMS adaptive scheme. Note: e(n)=output(n)-d(n)
% .mse .mmselms .emselms .meanwlms .pmselms: results of predicted and simulated filter behavior in terms of MSE, minimum MSE, excess
% MSE, coefficient vector means and predicted learning curve (pmselms).


Simulation Of Trunked Communication Network (Lost Calls Cleared) inspired this file.

Required Products Filter Design Toolbox
Signal Processing Toolbox
MATLAB release MATLAB 7.1.0 (R14SP3)
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28 Apr 2007 jimi essian

im an electronic enggg
in my project i have problem plz help me

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27 Mar 2007 Hao Yanchun

Thank you very much!

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