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TVAR model for am fm signal(using NLE operator).

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With improvements in signal processing some new models with enhanced features are made available.TVAR is on similar pattern.This model is better than conventional am-fm model in some respect as it facilates the implementation of same algo on various signals bearing different parameters. Use of Non LInear Energy (NLE)operator is an important aspect. HOpe this will be of help to others using matlab.The algo is present within code.

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Yu Zhang



twenty (view profile)

jungle lee

it has no relation to TVAR

Dimitri Shvorob

A bizarre, badly written, uncommented script; besides, I could not discern any relation to time-varying regression.

manoj singhal

IT is very good programming

karun singh

good job tamal.

Jos x@y.z

This submission
1. is a script
2. does not contain any help or comments
3. makes dubious plots without any annotation
4. is not vectorized

So, this submission is completely useless (except for the author and the reviewers in his/her classroom).

nitin goyal

good job tamal

rahul kumar

saurabh singh

good job.

Abhishek Mishra

bubun das

over all coding is good & easy to get.

gaurav k

gayana w

it really works on a variety of signals i tried........

abhishek gupta

its very good!

pushan barman

nice to get on net.
something new and intresting!

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