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plots the beam pattern of antenna arrays.

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This function provides a user a utility to plot the beam-pattern of linear isotropic arrays by providing the inter-element distances, corresponding weightings and/or steering direction of the beam.

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Zack Nizam

hi, can anyone figure out the errors:
beampattern - line 11
polardb - line 50

KK Lee

KK Lee (view profile)

It works well! Thanks a lot!!!

KK Lee

KK Lee (view profile)

Luis Oviedo

I have the same probleme, can anyone help me?

Khan Sadaf

Thankx alot. I tried this code ,bt got the error:
??? Input argument "N" is undefined.

Error in ==> Untitled2 at 11
if nargin < 3, w = 1/N*ones(1,N); end % for uniform linear arrays

King Fisher

King Fisher (view profile)

1.Just download the file.
2. Extract it. I twould have 2 files names beampattern.m and polardb.m
3. Copy both files in your mathlab bin folder.
4. Open the matlab and open both files in mathlab editor.
5. Click on run
6. On workspace give the parameters, for example beampattern (5,0.5,[1 1 1 1 1]);
7. Enjoy looking the beampattern !

Good Luck !


Z (view profile)

I couldn't run the file. What's wrong?

anambra state

HH Lee

HH Lee (view profile)

Could you explain what does 'd' mean??
In the code, 'd' stands for 'INTER-ELEMENT SPACINGS B/W ELEMENTS'. But I do not know what it does mean exactly. What is the relation between 'd' and 'lambda' which is the wavelength.

In addition, what is the 'steer_angle'??
Could you explain more detail?

adeel ejaz

i need it for project


HI I am author of this code..... brothers and sisters if u get any trouble in the code never hesitate to ask. And plz add comments


Hassan hamdoun

I couldn't call the function beampattern
It didn't work
what can I do ?

shashi shashi

Fred Copra

does work for me ?!?

matt mcLest

bad code quality



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MATLAB 7.2 (R2006a)

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