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Simulink Modelling of a 3 phase Induction Motor Using its test results


jayanta basu (view profile)


09 Feb 2007 (Updated )

The model uses Test results to simulate its performance

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The 3 phase induction motor is modeled to accept the No-Load & Blocked rotor test results for determining the equivalent circuit parameters. The model is used to simulate various performance characteristics. these characteristics can be viewed using a scope.

Required Products Simulink
Simulink Fixed Point
MATLAB release MATLAB 6.5 (R13)
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20 Apr 2015 IME Mecha engg

plz email me this simulation...
my email is Fayyaz412@yahoo.com
thnx in advance..

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08 Feb 2015 settar keream

please i need the simulation of feedback linearization of 3-phase induction motor
any body have can send to settar_msc@yahoo.com

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03 Oct 2014 Himanshu Joshi

Please send me the file ...

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19 Feb 2014 AB

AB (view profile)

Can anyone send me this file too?

Thanks in advance

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14 Oct 2013 musnae al abodi


05 Oct 2013 HAN MING

Hello, can someone send me this file? thanks in advance. xxmingxx_90@hotmail.com

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13 Sep 2013 Mohsen Rakhshan

would you please send the files to my email?thanks in advance

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20 May 2013 sazri shafie

Hi...can anyone send me this file please? thank you

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03 Apr 2013 ifiok

ifiok (view profile)

can soomeone please send me this file, please send to igifiok@gmail.com
thank you!

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24 Mar 2013 stano3101

can anyone send me this file please? thank you

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09 Nov 2012 Mohamed Saied

Good job

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23 Oct 2012 Shajjad Chowdhury

can anyone send me this file


thank you

15 Jul 2012 Steve

Steve (view profile)

Possible to send it to stp@sdmonv.com please? Thank you!

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15 Jul 2012 Steve

Steve (view profile)

08 Jun 2012 Ryan

Ryan (view profile)

I am unable to download the file.Please send the simulink model to me.

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26 May 2012 Arjan Nath

I am not being able to download it. Would you send it to my email adress : rimal.arjan@gmail.com

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29 Mar 2012 Claus

Claus (view profile)

Please also email the simulink model to me.
Thanks in advance

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20 Mar 2012 Venkatasesha

how can i download this file??
Can you please send this file to my id: yeddanapudi.pavan@gmail.com ...
Thank you

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29 Feb 2012 laeeq ahmad

kindly send it to laeeq.faiz@gmail.com

28 Feb 2012 Harshit

Please email this file to me harshit_agrrwal@yahoo.co.in

27 Jan 2012 indu ram

how can i watch dis file........

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17 Dec 2011 Fernando


09 Dec 2011 neven

neven (view profile)

02 Dec 2011 mostafa khayati

please send this file to my mail id goldiranac@yahoo.com,i cant download this........

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01 Nov 2011 Julien Thomas

how does it work ? I have errors when I try to execute the program...

??? Undefined function or method 'Model' for input arguments of type 'char'.
??? Error: File: a.m Line: 138 Column: 38
The input character is not valid in MATLAB statements or expressions.

It doesnt seem to be a model but like a .m file.
Let me know please if you know what to do.


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23 Dec 2010 Nafeesa K

It is good

13 Oct 2010 Kumaravel Jagadeesan

please send this file to my mail id kumar_praboo@yahoo.co.in,i cant download this........


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15 Jul 2010 Rolando Soto Madrigal  
10 Mar 2010 bheem lingala

please send documentation my email id reach2satelliteyahoocom

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12 May 2009 munna munna

please send me about induction motor tests using matlab document
my email id is praveenbolisetty@yahoo.com

28 Mar 2009 enable reverse

please send documentation my email id : lovelyboy_fun@yahoo.com

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10 Mar 2009 enable reverse  
26 Aug 2008 Sathish S  
23 Jun 2008 Yuval Vaknin  
30 May 2008 Moftah Hasan  
27 May 2008 akub yubnh  
07 May 2008 mune a


07 May 2008 mune mm

it v good

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24 Apr 2008 chongwu wang  
09 Apr 2008 ravi armugam  
04 Apr 2008 leulmi soumiya  
31 Mar 2008 ravi indra

no comments

12 Mar 2008 Sevilay Cetin

it is vey good

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31 Jan 2008 ram patil  
22 Nov 2007 Mohamed Mahmoud  
03 Nov 2007 mehdi ferhan

if their is any simulink for linear induction motor.

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21 Oct 2007 mehdi ferhan

if their is any Simulink Modelling of a 3 phase linear Induction Motor

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06 Oct 2007 bg rr  
05 Sep 2007 uzma fathima


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19 Aug 2007 vasan prabhu

very good

23 Jun 2007 Farid Kamaliyev  
12 Jun 2007 aswardi mawardi

this simmulation is very useful for teaching

24 May 2007 boukadoum ahcene


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21 May 2007 ktos ktos  
02 May 2007 phan ngoc tu  
10 Apr 2007 Raman Kataria

this is great work but modelling should be more simplified than done

14 Mar 2007 di v  
04 Mar 2007 Lee Hak Ju  
25 Feb 2007 n abbasi

it's good trying and nice model for machinery students.

12 Feb 2007 B. Roossien

Model seems to run properly. However it looks like spaghetti, hence it is almost impossible trying to understand how the model works.

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