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(simple) Tool for estimating the number of clusters

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(simple) Tool for estimating the number of clusters


Kaijun Wang (view profile)


10 Feb 2007 (Updated )

12 validity indices, illustrate estimation of the number of clusters

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File Information

For validation of clustering results in cluster analysis, it is important to use some objective measures to evaluate the clustering quality. This tool provides programs of such validity indices, including 4 External validity indices and 8 Internal validity indices: Rand index, Adjusted Rand index, Silhouette, Calinski-Harabasz, Davies-Bouldin, Homogeneity, Separation, and etc.

This tool is suitable for the performance comparison of different indices on the estimation of the number of clusters, algorithm design for applications by using or improving part codes, and etc.

Required Products Statistics and Machine Learning Toolbox
MATLAB release MATLAB 7.2 (R2006a)
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Comments and Ratings (7)
07 Jan 2017 Raheel Rehman


my code is producing 3 clusters.
Is there any way to select the cluster automatically?

Comment only
09 Dec 2016 Phu Lai

I've had this error: "Undefined function or variable 'pamc'"
Please give it a check. Thanks.

07 Nov 2013 Franck Dernoncourt

It would be great to add the ruspini.mat dataset in the submission. (currently available at

Comment only
20 May 2013 Philipp

I have the same problem as Praful. Function 'pamc' and 'daisyc' undefined for input arguments of type double.
Does anybody know how to resolve this?

22 Apr 2013 Praful

Praful (view profile)

I was trying to run the code, but it say that "Undefined function 'pamc' for input arguments of
type 'double'". Is it that the function 'pamc' is missing?

Thank You

06 Dec 2011 Erik

Erik (view profile)

It took me a long time to find this. I needed a piece of software to do the Calinski Harabasz method which I was searching for under the name 'Psuedo F'. This is exactly what I needed.

28 Apr 2008 G√ľnther Eibl

Documentation of functions (input-output) could be improved, but due to the brevity of the code this does not hurt too much.

21 Mar 2007

new release (Version 1.8)

30 Jun 2009 1.1

update license

08 Jul 2009 1.2

new release (Version 2.0)

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