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3_Bar Robot Kinematics and Kinetics Analysis and simulation

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3_Bar Robot Kinematics and Kinetics Analysis and simulation



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In the first step, kinematics and kinetics equations of a series of connected arms, in the general form, is solved. This is done with the symbolic math toolbox of the Matlab. In the second step the result of previous step is simulated in the Virtual Reality Environment of the Matlab.

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Rohit Mishra

Night KNight

Irani hasti
demet garm

Joerg Buchholz

It would be helpfull to list the VR-Toolbox under "Required Products:". Otherwise:

??? This operation is not permitted in the demonstration version of Virtual Reality Toolbox.

Error in ==> vrworld.vrworld at 58 = vrsfunc('VRT3LoadScene', foundname);

Error in ==> simulation at 6

hamed nozari

MATLAB Release
MATLAB 7.0.4 (R14SP2)

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