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Gauss-Seidel Load Flow Analysis

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Gauss Seidel Loadflow or Powerflow Analysis Admittance Y-Bus and Impedance Z-Bus Formation



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1. Gauss-Seidel Load Flow Analysis.
2. Keep all 5 the files in the same directory.
3. There are some assumptions used.
a. Bus number 1 is considered as the Slack bus in loadflow. ("gaussppg.m")
b. The first row in busdata matrix, corresponds to slack bus. ("busdata6.m")

4. For computing Admittance or Impedance Matrix, just we need to run "ybusppg.m" only.

5. For computing Bus Voltage and Angles, just we need to run "gaussppg.m" only.

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can anyone tell me this code is for how many buses??


Thank you


geetha (view profile)

Superb i got it ...i'm satisfied..thank u.,

jimy nani


Niko James



Usman (view profile)


thanx man,,

mohammed hassan El banna , Alex, Egypt

kkk kkk r u?....

mido sayed

good but too difucult
we need more simple

venkat kumar

Emanuel Hernandez

I would like add my submission to you count, I need understend your projects, code, figures, in matlab

Konc Sewan


anish jaleel

nice and more adaptable to the students

Md. Mizanur Rahman

sudhir sharma

ver good

Daniel Hidalgo

Very good.

Ku Chow

The code is very poor!

B. Roossien

What is the use of one iteration step for a load-flow calculation? The convergence criteria are just as important.

Furthermore, the file is a script that clears your memory == bad.

Little help is provided, which makes this file not very usefull, hence my 2-star rating

mohammad hiajneh

ch_weeratep weeratep

Thank you very much.

shiludi longkumer

ali sadiq

hi im see that this is really good work thank you mathwork

Humphrey Mwasumbi

I'm a new comer in MATLAB environment, I need more exposure.

Rui Pereira


Je suis Ingénieur d'état en Electrotechnique, je veux améliorer mes connaissances sur les réseaux électriques

Duane Hanselman

p.s., the author claims that the toolboxes Real-Time Windows Target,MATLAB Compiler, and Symbolic Math Toolbox are required to run this code. I could not find anything beyond basic MATLAB statements in the main file.

Duane Hanselman

Warning! This is a script file that clears the workspace. It prompts the user for undocumented data, performs undocumented actions, and then echoes some undocumented data back to the command window. The function poltorect is a largely redundant but undocumented utility. There is no helpful documentation in this submission.
Author please remove this submission as it has no value to anyone but you. Why submit a file that no one else can understand?

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