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Data cursors for figure window

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Data cursor support for multiple axes in a fugure



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Several related functions:

CreateCursor sets up a vertical cursor on all axes in a figure. The cursors can be moved around using the mouse.
Multiple cursors are supported in each figure

GetCursorLocation returns the location of a cursor while SetCursorLocation sets it.

DeleteCursor removes a cursor.

Objects belonging to each cursor have their handles stored in the figure application data area. Callbacks for each object serve to link their position on the axes.

Comments and Ratings (6)

Looks very good, but I have problems using it with GUIDE.

After creating two cursors in the OpeningFcn, I cannot move them. I have tried to save the cursors and pass them to the figure ButtonDownFcn , but nothing happens. Any hint?


Horizontal cursors would also be extremely useful!

Malcolm Lidierth

Update posted. This is more flexible. Axes in a GUI should be OK - though I do not use GUIDE so have not checked that.


Mel (view profile)

Thanks! This is great. Is there any way to implement this inside a GUI?


Great ! I That is exactly what I need !

Thanks a lot

charli chen

very good and useful. However, the cursor will meet some problems when you zoom in/out, or move the figure.



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