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BER curve for hard decision block code BPSK

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A simple m-file to compute the experiemntal BER of coded BPSK

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The simplest Hamming code with BPSK is simulated in a single m-file. The decoder uses hard decision assuming a BPSK constellation.
The decoder is the standard syndrome decoder. The simulation produces the experimental BER v EbNo curve. The expected theoretical performance is also plotted for easy comparison/validation.

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jongmin kim

Muhammad Mohsen


nan lo


My last input for a while-The q.m function is in the MPSK zipped fie. You need to load all of the 4 files to your directery and path to run each program. Whew-should have looked at MPSK first. JC


R13 users-to clarify the q in commented line 114,add this:
Comment line111
x1=sqrt(2.*coderate.*EbNo);add line 115
q=.5.*erfc((x1/sqrt(2));add line 116
Comment line 117
Note: q is used as an undefined variable in the other soft and hard Verterbi decoder files published by Dr. B. Gremont so it will need defining. Rating N/A JC


On line 53-changed Es to Eb to get the m-file to run correctly. JC

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MATLAB 7.3 (R2006b)

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