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Continuous Microphone Spectrum

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Continuously show the updated frequency spectrum of the microphone signal



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This short script continuously reads sound data from the windows soundcard (microphone of line-in) and displays the updated frequency spectrum. It is mostly, a data acquisition example using the built-in Windows sound card.

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Tom? (view profile)

Hi, does it work under linux/mac os x?

shrikant modh

Can u tell me how to find the frequency spectrun of the recorded speech signal.

karthik raj


Dariya Mykh

Albert Lu

After the plotting command. This allows for continuous update.

Jim Donohue

Albert Lu, try setting duration = .2 in the script.

Albert Lu

It would be nice if the plot is updated constantly

kittisak wadsuntud

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MATLAB 7.2 (R2006a)

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