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Data Analysis with MATLAB for Excel Users

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Data Analysis with MATLAB for Excel Users



09 Mar 2007 (Updated )

Materials for public seminar of the same name (slides and demos)

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Contains the slides and demos for the seminar entitled "Data Analysis with MATLAB for Excel Users", which was delivered on March 7th at the Newton Marriott in Newton, MA.
While a clever person could certainly make sense out of this material without having attended the seminar, it is designed to augment the live performance (not replace it). This means there are no detailed descriptions on how to run the various demos. Some of them require specific toolboxes to function.
Demo 1: Energy Prediction for a Power Plant -- Illustrates MATLAB's capabilities as a tool for data analysis. Shows features from MATLAB, Curve Fitting Toolbox, Statistics Toolbox, and Compiler.

Demo 2: Motor Noise Demo -- Illustrates two of MATLAB's integration methods with Excel including, Excel Link and Builder for Excel.

Demo 3: Introduction to MATLAB COM Interface -- shows the basics for using MATLAB as an activex client to connect to Excel. MATLAB can also be a server, though that is not shown here. The nice part about this section is nothing is required besides basic MATLAB.


This file inspired Pv Panel Modeling.

Required Products Curve Fitting Toolbox
MATLAB Compiler
Spreadsheet Link
Statistics and Machine Learning Toolbox
MATLAB release MATLAB 7.4 (R2007a)
MATLAB Search Path
/MATLABforExcel/MATLABforExcel/Excel Demo 1
/MATLABforExcel/MATLABforExcel/Excel Demo 1/EnergyGUI
/MATLABforExcel/MATLABforExcel/Excel Demo 1/html
/MATLABforExcel/MATLABforExcel/Excel Demo 1/other
/MATLABforExcel/MATLABforExcel/Excel Demo 2
/MATLABforExcel/MATLABforExcel/Excel Demo 3
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02 Apr 2016 mohamed meridjet

very good

19 Jun 2013 zaoui fares

19 Jun 2013 zaoui fares

very good

31 Oct 2012 Shoeb Sayeed

26 Jan 2010 muk

muk (view profile)

06 Nov 2008 haider daod

hellow can u help me plz i want to download this file can u send it to my mail thanx (file.m) mppt + photovoltaic

02 May 2008 zied trabelsi

(file.m) mppt + photovoltaic

01 May 2008 zied trabelsi

(file.mdl)for optimal inclination of photovoltaic panel and monthly solar irradiance

26 Apr 2008 zied trabelsi

(file.m) for optimal inclination of photovoltaic panel and monthly solar irradiance

19 Sep 2007 Peng Zhang

19 Jul 2007 Peter Sheppard

Thankyou for making the material available

25 Jun 2007 Marc Pelletier

25 Apr 2007 melanie vanloocke

31 Jul 2009 1.1

Updated copyright notices.

07 Oct 2009 1.2

Cleaned up some text.

13 Oct 2009 1.3

Updated some comments in the files. No code changes.

18 Apr 2016 1.3

Removed dead link.

01 Sep 2016

Updated license

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