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Simplifies despiking of data.



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Where several instruments record a time-series of data with a common time record, quality control and despiking of the data is often linked between the instruments. This function allows a variable number of datasets (with a common time record) to be plotted and scrolled through. Bad data can be selected by pressing the key 'b' to enables the 'rbbox' (rubberband box) - the data can be then selected. To unselect data use 'g' for good data. Upon quitting, 'Q', the scipt returns an index of the bad data - one column for each dataset. The indices are backed up by saving a mat file, incase matlab crashes/powercut etc.

The bad data can then be set to nan or removed.

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Jingcan Zhang

me too


junqua (view profile)

It don't work for me sorry

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MATLAB 7.0.1 (R14SP1)

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