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Image Segmenter (tiles)

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A simple function to segment an image into square tiles

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This is a simple function that segments an image/matrix into square tiles of specified side length. See screenshot.

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Thank you very much, It is very helpful



Preeti (view profile)

Please explain how to use this function for 'int16' image?

Hi Nathir,

I guess that you can improve this function using crop. I try to use your function firstly in an image about 100 MB I waited for 5 minutes and the matlab continued processing, there should be a way to improve it. Also I have tried using an image of only 10 MB and I got the same result. Any advises?

e ce

This is well written. It is basic though.

abbc qwe

Nathir Rawashdeh

Crrection, this program does not require the "Bioinformatics Toolbox". It needs only MATLAB

MATLAB Release
MATLAB 7.1.0 (R14SP3)

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