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Break Bar Plot

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Add breaks in the bar plot



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This code is derived from BreakAxis matlab file. Basically it adds a 'scale' parameter to reduce the bar sizes in a bar plot. Higher values of scale will reduce the 'tall bars' more.

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Luc Curry

Does not generate a plot with no data specified.

Error using BarPlotBreak (line 42)
Not enough input arguments.

Could the standard value for 'scale' be missing?


Sam (view profile)

Cool, and I plan to turn this into a histogram version at some point. One note — delete line 56 to have the function actually listen to your choice for break_type. As it is now, it always sets break_type = 'Patch'.


Xiu (view profile)

Does this function work for matrix Y? Or does it only work with vector? I tried with matrix, but it gave me error in the break type section of the code. Also, what if the data I have got negative values, and they are the part I want to scale to reduce the space, what should I do with that?

or dsad


unfortunately not working as described. Buggy. Would be nice to have though!



I have a problem with you program. I don't arrive to make my graph with a break. The line aren't on the y axis but on the plot. Could you explain me how to do?

MATLAB Release
MATLAB 6.5 (R13)

Inspired by: BreakAxis

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