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ObjDiff - Generic object comparator

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Compares objects of any type inc. Java, Matlab, HG handles, structs, cells & arrays



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OBJDIFF compares two objects & returns an object of the same type with just the different fields/values. Unlike Matlab's SETDIFF or SETXOR, this OBJDIFF also compares structs, GUI handles, ActiveX, Matlab & Java objects, in addition to arrays & cells. OBJDIFF also allows comparison of numeric cell arrays, unlike SETDIFF/SETXOR. It also accepts anything that SETDIFF/SETXOR accept.

Syntax: [objectC,IA,IB] = objdiff (objectA, objectB, options, ...)

- objectA - first object to compare
- objectB - second object to compare. Field order in opaque objects does not matter.
Note: If objectB is not supplied, then objectA(1) is compared to objectA(2)
- options - optional flags as follows:
'rows' - see documentation for SETXOR
'dontIgnoreJava' - show different instances of the same java class (default=ignore them)

- objectC - object containing only the different (or new) fields, in a {old, new} pattern
- IA,IB - index vector into objectA,objectB such that objectC = [objectA(IA),objectB(IB)] (see SETXOR)

>> objectA = struct('a',3, 'b',5, 'd',9);
>> objectB = struct('a','ert', 'c',struct('t',pi), 'd',9);
>> objectC = objdiff(objectA, objectB) % a=different, b=new in objectA, c=new in objectB, d=same
objectC =
a: {[3] 'ert'}
b: {[5] {}}
c: {{} [1x1 struct]}

>> objectC = objdiff(,
objectC =
Blue: {[0] [255]}
RGB: {[-65536] [-16776961]}
Red: {[255] [0]}

>> objectC = objdiff(0,gcf) % 0 is the root handle
objectC =
children: {[2x1 struct] []}
handle: {[0] [1]}
properties: {[1x1 struct] [1x1 struct]}
type: {'root' 'figure'}

>> [objectC,IA,IB] = objdiff({2,3,4,7}, {2,4,5})
objectC =
3 5 7
IA =
2 4
IB =

See also:
setdiff, setxor, isstruct, isjava, ishghandle, isobject, iscell

Comments and Ratings (2)

Yair Altman

Thanks Darik - I uploaded an update fixing this

Darik Gamble

Looks like you forgot to handle the case where objectA and objectB are identical structures.(??? Output argument "objectC" (and maybe others) not assigned)

Other than that, looks good!



Fixed: identical function handles should be treated as being equal

MATLAB Release
MATLAB 7.4 (R2007a)

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