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Printing Variables to HTML Tables in Published Code

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This file lets you display variables as HTML tables in your published MATLAB files.

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One often-requested feature for Cell Mode publishing is to have a command that simply displays the output of a MATLAB® variable as a table. This file shows how to do that.

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Brian Kehn

This doesn't work on R1014b either. I get the same output as "Lefteris" did in 2013.

Jonathan Lee

For tables in publish mode I'm using:

f = figure(1);
set(f,'Position',[500 500 300 150]);
dat = {' a', 1, ' units';...
        ' b', 2, ' units';...
        ' c', 3, ' units';...
        ' d', 4, ' units';...
        ' e', 5, ' units';...
        ' f', 6, ' units';};
columnname = {'Parameter', 'Value', 'Units'};
columnformat = {'char', 'numeric', 'char'};
t = uitable('Units','normalized','Position',...
            [0.05 0.05 0.755 0.87], 'Data', dat,...
            'ColumnName', columnname,...
            'ColumnFormat', columnformat,...


Seems nice but does not work in R2013a.
It gives me smt like
I guess it is similar problem to Anna's. Any idea how to overcome it?


Anna (view profile)

I too was having trouble using this code to publish tables while using 2012a. I found an old version of the mxdom2simplehtml.xsl stylesheet from 2007a, and it works well with this code.


Fuad (view profile)

Hi, when I use this code and publish the table comes out without any borders or any sort of style that I set. I believe its being overwritten by the stylesheet that the publish function uses. Is there any way to modify this behaviour so that the table is properly formatted?

(I'm using R2012a)

Matt G

Matt G (view profile)

great work.
also I had a problem with displaying table with other display options. for example when I used disp, fprintf, sprintf after or before making html table function, the table not generated in HTML file. For example:
disp('Hello World')

do you met this before and how to overcome it ?


Herve (view profile)

The nanmin.m and nanmax.m files can be downloaded here :
It could be nice if Ned adds these two files in his distribution.

Daniel Armyr

Daniel Armyr (view profile)

Awsome potential, but it eems to depend on a function called nanmin which is not included in basic Matlab. Either include an implementation, or post a link to an implementation that is compatible.


Brian (view profile)

This did what I was looking for. I needed to publish an HTML table in a web page. I modified it for my purposes so I could input a format string instead of a precision.

This seems to be exactly what I need to solve a certain problem with my script. Is it any way to use this code on Matlab R2008b ?


kwadwo Dompreh

couldn't output the tables when used



Moving to GitHub


BGCOLOR attribute for table cells has been deprecated in HTML. Switched code to use STYLE's BACKGROUND attribute instead.


Updated copyright line.


Fix copyright line.


Minor formatting change.

MATLAB Release
MATLAB 7.4 (R2007a)

Inspired: im2html.m

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