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Neural Network Programs

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Neural Network Example Programs

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Perceptron LMS Feed Forward Back Propagation Character Recognition

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Duc Hoang


Hi ,
Can anyone share a code of a generalized hybrid ANNs/ARIMA model where the output of ARIMA is used an input of ANN

Tallha Akram

Work is good, instead new student in this field can't get any help from this.
Childish way of uploading the program.
Must include text to explain.

Mr Smart

I am new to neural networking.I want train my neural network for pt = [10x7 array],but it is not getting trained.However for pt = [10x4 array] it is being trained properly. Can anybody tell me what is the problem with this code.

pt = [10x7 ] array; % pt = input

t = [4 9 16 25 36 49 64]; % t = target

net = newff(pt,t,10);

net.trainParam.epochs = 500;

net.trainParam.goal = 0.01;

net = train(net,pt,t);

y = sim(net,pt);

Thanks in Advance.

Adams Black

Good but needs explanations for readers

Adams Black

Good but needs explanations for readers

Adams Black

Good Work But atleast you should have provided Some readme txt.

Murugesan A

saravanan R

not able to understand

Aneesh Ghosh

Poor written codes. As said before , Nair simply dumped the codes. Has posted it just for the heck of it. Poor professional skills!!.

There's no documentation at all, how am anyone supposed to understand it. Contact me if you wish to improve your documentation skills.

achyutananda saint

Do Hieu

good thank




This is a perfect example of junk submission- posting some badly written homework assignments. Please remove it all from FEX, there is enough junk already.

yy mm

Neural Network Programs

Scott B.

What these folks are trying to say, Madhu, is that it isn't really acceptable to just dump directories full of your project code onto FEX without some supporting documentation to tie it all together. Folks want to see some explanation of the context and some help regarding what the files do. A minimum example might be to include a .README file that at least explains your work somewhat. There might be gems in there but nobody is going to root through a cryptic directory of NN files.

Duane Hanselman

Another good example of what the FEX is becoming when all submissions are accepted.

Dimitri Shvorob

So many files, but no 'readme'? Looks like the author just dumped m-files from a school project. All scripts, nasty programming style (yes, with 'clear'), mysterious text files containing a single number..

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