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Contrast Enhancement Utilities (Image Equalization, PDF, CDF)

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Histogram Processing

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Several functions are provided for Histogram Processing. They include: PDF, CDF, and Histogram Equalization. For further details, please refer to: "Gonzales & Woods, DIP, 2nd. ed."

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yuchang shao

thank you for your code


very well done

Nikolay S.

Nikolay S. (view profile)



Why no BSD License?

chaogui xia

thank you very much


Chaos (view profile)

how are these any different that inbuit functions? there is already a histogram equalization function as well as adaptive histogram. code needs to be vectorized, get rid of loops and use LU or SVD decomp. doesn't handle uint16.

srilaxmi laxmi

Wei Wang

very useful. thanks!

Anya chen

It's really helpful. Thanks a lot.

hrishikesh pimpalkar

very good

Yue Fei

Very Good!

lin wei

excellent code! i like it! thx so much

Chris Yang

view from the demo image? it works perfect

Eric Wu

padmakar sawane

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