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CaToKi V2. System Identification ToolKit in Open loop SISO.

Is an easy tool for system idenfication of real procces.

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Catoki present a new alternative to MATLAB IDENT GUI. This is friendly interface for system identification SISO. CaToKi is based in a regular course of Identification based in Ljun Book. You can obtain models of easy way: ARX, ARMAX, Outpur-Error and Box Jenkis. Plot your input-output dates. Compare plots, residuals plots, bode, step, impulse, frequencial uncertainty and poles and zeros. In Matlab Workspace you can see the model obtained. Is Easy to use and free.

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This work in Matlab 2010b. Only change the formats of the next figures from jpg to png.
logo.jpg ------->logo.png
Is a problem with new versions of matlab.

Zhang Ruilei

Can this tool be used in Matlab7.0(R14)??

Victor Alvarado




icke icke

ismail benaddi

identification des systémes par méthodes des sous espaces

Benedicto, Eduardo López-Montero

Is an Excelente tool for System Identification

J Wagberg

readme.txt says:
> firts run the file menu.m and
> select a option, next run
> daisy.m and enjoy the show.

There are neither a menu.m nor a daisy.m in the zip-file. Not much of a show to enjoy...

MATLAB Release
MATLAB 7.2 (R2006a)

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