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Rotary double inverted pendulum;sim mechanics model

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Stabilising a double inverted pendulum about its unstable equilibrium position

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A double inverted pendulum is a non linear control complexity. The aim of the system is to balance a pendulum hinged to another pendulum, which in turn is attached to an arm which is driven by a motor. Here I have made use of an LQR, full state feedback to stabilize the system. The animation of the system is also displayed. Using this approach even triple and higher stages of inverted pendulums can be developed. The system is animated also.

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no need to convert.. just open with simulink and run model.. it is perfectly works...

my question may i use it with developing new models..


Hzl (view profile)

How can I open this in simulink? I couldn't convert it.
Thanks for any help!


mm (view profile)

Leonardo Araujo

Hi man just one question... After you linearize your model with linmod and use lqr to discover the K matrix how you include it in simulink? I mean you will actually get from LQR the full matrix K and you just can't copy and past it over simulink lqr block

Leonardo Araujo

Leonardo Araujo


I cannot download this file. Can somebody please help.

muhammad tufail


Nguyen Thanh Phuc

Nguyen Thanh Phuc

Sreenath AM

its really great..

Adarsh VK

Just wanted be the first to rate this file !!!

Please do carry ur reserch...!!!
best of luck..!!!

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