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Huffman Coding and Decoding for Text Compression

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Static Huffman Coding and Decoding; Adaptive Huffman Coding and Decoding for text compression



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Static Huffman Coding and Decoding, and Adaptive Huffman Coding and Decoding for text compression

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sai charan

can u pls me post me the vhdl code for the same , i mean for the huffman encoding, i tried very hard but it is very hard

Jan Simon

Jan Simon (view profile)

There is absolutely no documentation in these 9 m-files, and therefore the usage of these function is obscure.
The function huffman fails, because it cannot find the function "roundn".
This submission is neither working, nor usable and in consequence not useful.


yasser (view profile)

hello. it is a good work. But ı wish you explain what they mean. I use probmodel for my project. Can you tell us obout their code and hoh did you think?

vu quang thang

demo adaptive huffman

nabamita deb


Neb Tom

Excellent man. this is just what I needed but could not do it.

John Rasmussen

It seems like you never provide 'help' with your files, and this is very annoying. Please start making efort to help other people use your files, or stop submitting them.

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