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2-D Nozzle Design

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2-D nozzle using the method of characteristics and CFD on nozzle on curvilinear mesh.



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Given the conditions (Temperature, Pressure, etc.) of the combustion chamber as well as the ambient conditions and the diameter/area of the throat, the program will:
a) Solve for the nozzle exit area that produces the max amount of thrust.
b) Use the method of characteristics to solve for the shape of said nozzle.
c) Automatically make curvilinear mesh for simulating the nozzle
d) Solves the Euler equations on the mesh using the MacCormack finite volume method.
e) Plots the results for comparison

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It's running! It's cool.

Hey Man Is there a project report for this
or any kind of detail?

Sandeep Kumar

Nice work

hua zai

nice job ;)


Xin (view profile)

Nice work!


Xin (view profile)

Feras Khouj

is this code applicable to design a Hypersonic nozzle for Wind-tunnels ?



hey guys!!! in the code nozzle.m, what is the 'Nozzle width'?????

how did u get the coordinates of the boundary points ??

ping li

xianzai ni zai nar. zhe shi wo de e-mail
qing xie yi ge e-mail. xiexie ni

Alexey Kats

Good approach! Does it possible to compute the supersonic flow out of nozzle based on this model?


Great code, but check your boundary conditions. The zero-velocity BC along the top wall is more of a finite-difference BC. Since you're doing a finite-volume formulation, shouldn't those boundary cell velocities be the negatives of those in the first active cell? That way you have zero velocities AT THE WALL. You do have the symmetry plane BC coded correctly for a finite-volume formulation.

Igor Voitenko

Well-founded approach to the solution of CFD problem. Well done!

Shrinath KS

its a good attempt

Edwin Byun

otto man

sofyan natsir

Miles Davis

There was a error on line 229, and is a miss semicolon and it was give dimension error.
Please note that, and thank you very much for the work.

Amit Singh

do you have a code for flow characterization through a given 2-d nozzle??

ibrahim abuobeida


xunkai wei



Added CFD capability and improved plots. Added files and zipped them.

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