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Wavelet Fractal compression

it is proposed an efficient approach for compression microarray images. It is utilized a hybrid wave

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I thank of Proff. Alireza Nasiri Avanaki who helped me very much.

you must take a picture file in the root below:

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do you have a "cdna.tif" file?
please contact me on

I really need that file, thank you.

Xuan Vo Linh

how can i have the cdna.tif file?
i had tried change another file and set its name cdna.tif but its not work :(

Please help... for line number 39...

Natal Sere

Hey its not working(

moon toon

ayuppie yu

i have the same error,"Index exceeds matrix dimensions." can you give me favor? thanks!

Luis Henrique Wolfarth

Hello! Can you help-me to run this file in matlab? I have problem in line 39, the program is showing "??? Error using ==> run
Index exceeds matrix dimensions."
Thank you!

mion utieo asde

i will contact you

mino nimta

olimo tras

It is great.

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