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hard decision convolutional coding/decoding


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hard decision convolutional coding/decoding



21 Apr 2007 (Updated )

A few m-files showing CV encoding/Viterbi hamming distance decoding

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CVencode.m % function for CV encoding (arbitrary CV code)
VAharddecode1.m % function for Viterbi hard decision decoding
CVsimhard.m basic CV coding/decoding
BERcurve_CV_hard.m computes simulated BER curve

MATLAB release MATLAB 7.4 (R2007a)
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30 May 2013 eng_mt


plz it is very Urgent in my thesis ,,,,

I need to use convoultional encoder with code rate =1/2 or 3/4 with puncturing and the decode the data using vitdec (soft-decision viterbi decoder) with NO Quantization.....

I am writing the code but I have mistake in vitdec stage...
can someone help me in correcting this code plz...

msg=rand(1,10)>0.5;% Random data

% Convoultional Encoder
trel = poly2trellis(6,[65,57]); % Define trellis
code = convenc(msg,trel); % Encode.

%decoding the msg using vitdec
tblen = 35; % Traceback length
decode = vitdec(code,trel,tblen,'cont','soft',3);

% bit error must be zeroo
ber= decode -code;


08 Jul 2012 Kelvin O

@Alan Wang,
use the following code instead of the 'oct2bin':
dec2base(oct2dec(x),N) where x is the input to be converted and N is the base to which you want to convert x to.

08 Mar 2012 B Gremont

Download all my files. That way everything should work.

24 Feb 2011 Rathod Ravi

how to run all files to get results

23 Jul 2008 J C

Download his file "Impact of quantization on performance of convolutional codes(soft decesions)". Look in author index. I have provided oct2bin function in ratings section of that m-file that may help. Be careful with bin_len.

01 Jul 2008 alan wang

No 'oct2bin' function!! Any one can help to figure out?

29 Apr 2008 jad gen  
24 Feb 2008 gaurav sharma

Sorry but i am not getting the output.
May be i am not able to simulate the program.
i am getting an error of undefined function oct2bin.
please help me.
My project is on stake

28 Sep 2007 J C


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