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AM, FM Familiarization

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AM, FM Familiarization


Santosh Shah (view profile)


keep all files in a folder and run any of the test files.

my_ammod(m, K, A, fc, fs)
function s= my_ammod(m, K, A, fc, fs)
%here i want to show the method of generating AM signal, here m is the
%modulating signal, K is the constant factor, A is the carrier eamplitude,
%fc is the carrier ferquency, and fs is the sampling ferequency here s iis
%defined as  s = A(1 + K*m(t))cos(2*pi*fc*t)

 %santosh shah, The LNM IIT Jaipur (India)( 21/04/07
 % show the warning messege when K is too large
 if(K*max(abs(m)) > 1)
     warning('warining K*m(t) must me <= 1');
 %calcualting the time vector from sampling frequency and signal
 t = linspace(0, (length(m)-1) / fs, length(m));
 %process for computing AM signal
 s = A*(1 + K*m).*cos(2*pi*fc*t);%+ rand(length(fs));


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