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AM, FM Familiarization

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AM, FM Familiarization


Santosh Shah (view profile)


keep all files in a folder and run any of the test files.

my_fmmod(m, A , B , C , fc , fs)
function s= my_fmmod(m, A , B , C , fc , fs)

%here i am going to show the generation of FM signal by the my_fmmod
%function. here m is the modulating signal, A is the amplitude of carrier
%signal, B is the modulation factor, C is the some other constant for
%phase, fc is the carrier frequency , and fs is the sampling frequency. the
%basic principle to modulate the signal as follows
% s(t) = A*cos(2*pi*fc*t + B int m(t)dt + C)

%santosh shah, The LNM IIT Jaipur (India)( 22/04/07

% finding the time vector from the messege vector
t= linspace(0, (length(m)-1)/fs, length(m));

%processs for computing FM sognal
%first i have to compute the integration part so..
s_int = cumsum(m) / fs;

%now complete FM signal
s = A*cos(2*pi*fc*t + B*s_int + C);


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