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LDPC codes BER simulation

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LDPC codes BER simulation


Bagawan Nugroho (view profile)


04 May 2007 (Updated )

LDPC codes BER simulation under AWGN channel, MacKay-Neal based LDPC matrix

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LDPC codes BER simulation under AWGN channel. MacKay-Neal based LDPC matrix. Message encoding uses sparse LU decomposition. There are 4 choices of decoder: hard-decision/bit-flip decoder, probability-domain SPA decoder, log-domain SPA decoder, and simplified log-domain SPA decoder. Documentation and update can be found at:

Required Products Communications Blockset
MATLAB release MATLAB 7.0.1 (R14SP1)
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Comments and Ratings (32)
07 Feb 2017 imc

imc (view profile)

02 Feb 2017 Goutham C.S

Hey everyone, I tried running this MATLAB file but I dont get the plot after running ldpcBER.m . All i get is a blank plot. Please kindly help

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18 Dec 2016 Aimal Rehman

This is only for LDPC code with rate 1/2 ?

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31 May 2016 vamsee krishna algubilli


27 Apr 2016 sumit skr

I tried the bitflipping decoding method. However, it does not work.

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01 Apr 2016 Sindhu B

i want to use this simulator for codes with rate not equal to 1/2. please explain why this works only for rate-1/2 codes, and how i can modify it for my project

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09 Apr 2014 HIT

HIT (view profile)

27 Nov 2013 wang

wang (view profile)


15 Nov 2013 Ahmed

Ahmed (view profile)

well done work

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21 Jul 2013 Kevin King

good work

17 Jul 2013 Zhe

Zhe (view profile)

very helpful in the understanding of log domain sum product algorithm

10 Jul 2013 Harinony

If I want to use igenerated matrix H by makeLdpc with comm.LDPCEncoder object,what must I do. It poster a n error message 'The las comumn (n-k) must be invertible in GF(2)

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27 Jun 2013 alpa patel

nice one

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30 May 2013 Elnaz

Elnaz (view profile)

Is there any way to make the code run faster for generating large parity check matrices?
For generating a 32000 by 64000 matrix, this code will run forever!

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12 Apr 2013 thelapolu naveen

i am not getting the good error performance,i am using block length of 1024 and i am varying snr from 0 to 4,but error performance is bad and i am getting different performance for each time for same values of input,can any one please suggest some solution for me,time is too less for my project submission

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30 Mar 2013 Kevin King

nice perfect

22 Sep 2012 fas wer

22 Apr 2012 Sun

Sun (view profile)

thanks,very useful

23 Nov 2011 venn lee

thank you for the posting and sharing, i just read and understand the coding part,and i don't know the theory of decoding.

05 Nov 2011 priyanka revankar

Sir can i know the algorithm used to create the H matrix in makeLdpc.please reply its urgent for our project.thanks in advance

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03 May 2011 splenjane


11 Apr 2010 liu nan


04 Apr 2010 zhao long

very good , see the proceed is dark box, the same of the source bit and the received bit is the only standard .

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01 Sep 2009 Yuhan Zhou

Please check your codec, basically the parity check matrix is not correct, which means that H*u' is not zero vector.

11 Jun 2009 TEMER Elias

Thank you for the programs .
But there some problems concerning the algorithm decodeLogDomainSimple: and specially in the calcul of the prior-likelihood (simplified).
Lci=-rx' ??
according to the algorithms
Lci= 4*rx/N0.
and about the sign -
Minus sign is used for 0/1 to -1/1.
I think that to get -1/1 mapping : Lci=2rx-1 .

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20 May 2009 Shahriar Rahman

Your Noise Calculation have some problem. The code rate is 0.5. You noise addition with signal is ok. But when you are transferring N0 to decodeLogDomain.m function that has to be N0*2.

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22 Oct 2008 J J

simple and clear, very excellent

10 Jul 2008 Sabah Sewan

God Bless You. thnx

02 Mar 2008 michael jordan

simply perfect

10 Sep 2007 nguyen khoa

18 May 2007 Rethnakaran Pulikkoonattu

You may have to cross check the performance and benchmark it. If I am not mistaken, there is conflict in the results.

05 May 2007 Yang Xiao

The BER results your program for short length of LDPC codes are not reliable, unbelievable, please check your program with other's published one.

25 Feb 2010 1.1

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